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Chapter 10 Budgets
Chapter 20 Tribal Elections
Ordinance 44
Chapter 30 Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
Ordinance 83-Adopt Waiver of Sovereign Immunity into Tribal Code


Chapter 105

Plan of Operation
Resolution 10811 - Management Plan
Tribal Organization (Organization Charts)

Chapter 110 Personnel*

Vital Statistics

Chapter 120 Ordinance 94


Chapter 200

Resolution 11904 - Approving WSTC 200.11
Resolution 11434
Resolution 11438
Memo 3-14-01 re: Amendment to Tribal Codes Ch 200
Resolution 6201-Tribal Code dealing with Court
Resolution 6588-Interest & non-payment charge on obligations to Tribes
Resolution 7725-Amendment to jury selection
Resolution 8043-Civil Penalty
Resolution 8281-Department & Enterprises collect all obligations owed to Tribes
Resolution 8728-Amend Sexual Abuse statute of limitations
Resolution 9311-Amendment to extend Civil statute of limitations
Resolution 9987-Amendment to revise Integrated Resource Management Plan (IRMP)


Chapter 201 Civil Procedure
Resolution 6236-Adopt Ch 201/202 to Tribal Codes
Chapter 202 Criminal Procedures
Resolution 14435 - Closing Arguments
Resolution 14439 - No Contest Pleas
March 19, 1985 Memo regarding Bail-Bonds Procedure
Resolution 6236-Adopt Ch 201/202 to Tribal Codes
Resolution 7868-Adopt Family Abuse Prevention Law
Resolution 8728-Amend Sexual Abuse statute of limitations
Chapter 203

Resolution No. 11605 with Chapter 203
Resolution No. 11567
Resolution 11439
Resolution 10196-Amendment Appeals Code
Resolution 6425-Amendment to change number of Judges appointing

Chapter 204 Evidence
Resolution 6237-Adopt Ch 204 Evidence into Tribal Codes
Chapter 205 Tort Claims
Ordinance 71-Adopt Ch 205 Tort Claims into Tribal Codes
Chapter 206 Real Property Secured Transactions
Ordinance 81-Adopt Real Property Transaction Code into Tribal Codes
Chapter 260 Gaming
Ordinance 76-Amendment to Gaming Code
Resolution 10,536-Amendment to Gaming Code


Chapter 300

Exclusion from Reservation
Ordinace 53 - Approving Expulsion and Exclusion of Non Members
Resolution 7545 - Exclusion of Persons Not Legally Entitled to Reside on the Reservation

Chapter 305

Crimes - Revised 2009
Crimes - Prior to 2009
Ordinance 76-Amendment to Gaming Code
Resolution 6951-Amendment to Crime of Rape
Resolution 7537-Amendment to Sentences & Fines
Resolution 8044-Amendment to Liquor Violations as Civil Case
Resolution 8699-Adopt crime of Sexual Abuse
Resolution 8728-Amend Sexual Abuse Statute of Limitations
Resolution 9735-Drug Paraphenalia
Resolution 9736-Stalking and Harrassment
Resolution 10,536-Amending to Gaming Code


Chapter 306 Trespass
Explanation of Ordinance
Resolution 6318-Adopt Ch 306 Trespass into Tribal Codes
Chapter 307 Liquor Violations
Resolution 11438
Resolution 11099-Amendment to Liquor Violation
Chapter 310 Traffic
Resolution 11436
Cross Reference
Legislative History
Resolution 6077-Amendment to update Traffic Code and Motor Vehicle Equipment
Resolution 9787-Amendment to Traffic Seat belt and Child Restraint Law
Chapter 311 Motor Vehicle Equip. Abandoned Vehicles' Accidents
Legislative History
Resolution 6077-Amendment to update Traffic Code and Motor Vehicle Equipment
Resolution 9246-Amendment to Vehicle Weight Limits along Hwy. 26
Chapter 312 Ordance 89 - Tribal Boating Code

Chapter 320

Resolution 6717-Amendment to update Probate Court
Chapter 330 Emergency Detention of Mentally Ill Persons
Legislative History
Memorandum of Agreement regarding Involuntary Civil Commitment
Resolution 6526-Adoption of Ch 330 Emergency Detention of Mentally Ill Persons
Resolution 9737-Amendment to Curfew Code
Chapter 331

Domestic Relations

Resolution 11651
Resolution 11433 - Who May Be Adopted
Resolution 11437
Memo 3-2-84 regarding Filiation Procedures
Resolution 6292-Adoption of Domestic Relations
Resolution 6563-Amendment Domestic relations to Filiation
Resolution 6780-Divorce Jurisdiction
Resolution 7868-Amendment to Ch 331 & 202 to Include Family Abuse Prevention Law
Resolution 9562-Amendment to add Tribal Elder and Adult Protection


Chapter 340 Fishing
Columbia River Intertribal Enforcement
Resolution 6234-Adoption of Ch 340 & 350 Fishing, Hunting/Trapping
Resolution 10266-Fish & Wildlife Committee Recommendations
Chapter 341 Sherars Bridge Management
Resolution 10212-Amendment to Sherars Bridge Management
Resolution 6651-Amendment to Ch 341 to Include 311.400 and 341.464
Chapter 345 Livestock Control in Populated Areas
Chapter 350 Hunting and Trapping
Resolution 6234-Adoption of Ch 340 & 350 Fishing, Hunting/Trapping
Resolution 7330-Amendment to Hunting Code
Amendment to Resolution 7330
Chapter 355 Fire and Safety*
Chapter 360 Juvenile Code
Resolution 10179-Amendment to Update Juvenile Code
Resolution 6143-Adoption of Ch 360 Juvenile Code to Tribal Code
Resolution 6839-Amendment to allow Juvenile Coordinator to act as Presenting Officer
Resolution 7857-Amendment to Tribal Code Ch 360 Juvenile Code
Resolution 9737-Amendment to Curfew Code
Chapter 361 Competency Hearings*
Chapter 362 Resolution 11270 - Adoption of Conservator/Guardian *REVISED*
Conservators and Guardians *REVISED*

Conservators and Guardians
Resolution 7117-Adoption of Conservator/Guardian
Chapter 363 Detoxification Procedures
Resolution 6980-Adopt Ch 363 Detox Procedures
Chapter 375

Worker's Compensation
Ordinance 69-Adopt Tribal Workers Compensation Code
Resolution 9992-Amendment to Tribal Workers Compensation Code
Resolution 9105-Amendment to Tribal Workers Compensation Code
Resolution 9374-Amendment to expand membership of Workers Compensation Committee to include representative from Gaming and DE Composite
Amended Chapter 375 Resolution 9105 Workers Compensation

Chapter 380 Resolution 10-774 Sex Offender Registration
Sex Offender Registration - 380
Chapter 390

Ordinance 93
Chapter 390



Chapter 400 Housing
Memo 2-28-84 regarding guideline - Eviction and Overdue Rent Cases
Memo 3-7-84 regarding guideline - Eviction and Collection of Delinquent Rents
Resolution 10186-Revised Housing Code
Resolution 6920-Revised Housing Code
Chapter 401 Wild and Scenic Rivers
Ordinance 73-Adoption of Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
Chapter 410 Comprehensive Plan*
Chapter 411 Zoning
Ordinance 56-Zoning and Land Use Code adopted
Chapter 412 Reservation Sign Regulation*
Chapter 420 Utilities*
Chapter 430 Water*
Chapter 431 Water and Waste Disposal
Ordinance 62-Adopted/Revised Water & Sewer Systems Act
Chapter 432 Water Quality Standards, Beneficial Uses & Treatment
Chapter 433 Implement Provisions for Water Quality Standards
Ordinance 81-Adopt Water Quality Standards
Chapter 440 Highways and Streets*
Chapter 441 Flood Damage
Resolution 10190-Adopt Amendment to Ordinance 77 re: Flood Damage Prevention
Chapter 450 Forest Management*
Chapter 451 Wood Cutting
Resolution 6444-Amendment Wood Cutting Ordinance
Chapter 460 Range Management
Ordinance 66-Range and Livestock
Resolution 7247-Amendment to Ordinance 66
Chapter 470 Wildlife Management*
Chapter 475 Hydroelectric Licensing
Chapter 480 Land*
Chapter 490 Archaeological
Ordinance 68-Adoption of Protection and Management of Archaeological, Historical & Cultural Resources


Chapter 500 Health Care*
Chapter 510 Education*
Chapter 520 Pension Plans
Ordinance 70-Adopt Tribal Member Retirement Income Security Ordinance
Chapter 530 Funeral Grants*
Chapter 540 Warm Springs Supplemental Security Income Program


Chapter 600 General*
  History of Enterprise Charters (A-B-C)
Chapter 605 WSGE Plan of Operation
Resolution 9981-Amendment and restarted Plan of Operation of Operation of Gaming
Chapter 605 Resolution 11429 - 605 WS Casino and Resort Enterprises (3 May 2011)
  605 Enterprise Charter - WS Casino and Resort Enterprises (3 May 2011)
Chapter 606 Resolution 11429 - 606 KNT Enterprise Charter (3 May 2011)
  606 Enterprise Charter - KNT (3 May 2011)
Chapter 607 Resolution 11429 - 607 Enterprise Charter WS Indian Head Casino (3 May 2011)
  607 Enterprise Charter WS Indian Head Casino (3 May 2011)
Chapter 610 WSED Plan of Operation
Chapter 615 WSFPI Plan of Operation
Resolution 8413-Restarted Plan of Operation for WSFPI
Chapter 620 WSPE Plan of Operation
Chapter 625 WSCE Plan of Operation
Resolution 9967-Warm Springs Construction Enterprise
Chapter 630 WSTC Plan of Operation
Resolution 9391-Warm Springs Tectonite Cement


Chapter 700 Business Privilege Tax
Ordinance 64-Adopt Business Privilege Tax
Chapter 701 LLC's
Ordinance 79-Adopt Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 702 Non-Profit Corporations
Ordinance 72-2 Adopt Warm Springs Tribal Bond Ordinance
Chapter 710 Credit
Resolution 6967-Adopt Tribal Credit Code
Resolution 9223-Formation of Tribal Credit Enterprise
Chapter 720 Tobacco
Chapter 721 Lease of Goods
  Ordinace 88 - Sales as related to Lease of Goods
Chapter 725 Liquor and Alcohol
Chapter 730 Tribal Bond Ordinance
Ordinance 72-Adopt Warm Springs Tribal Bond Ordinance
Ordinance 72-1 Amendment to Ordinance 72 to clarify definitions of Full Faith and Credit Bond
Ordinance 72-4 Restated Warm Springs Tribal Bond Ordinance, Resolution 10404
Chapter 731 Ordinance 90-Personal Property Secured Transactions and Statutory Liens
Chapter 740 Consumer Credit/Usery
Ordinance 85-Consumer Credit/Usery
Chapter 741 Consumer Sales Practices
Ordinance 86-Consumer Sales Practices
Chapter 742 Motor Vehicle Sales
Ordinance 87-Motor Vehicle Sales




*Code does not exist

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